PORTLAND-- Environmental groups warn against chemical found in some shampoos, washes and bubble baths

The Center for Environmental Health is suing more than 150 companies to remove a certain chemical cocamide DEA from their products.

It's been around for decades and is used to help the soaps foam up.

It s a chemical that is shown in laboratory studies to help tumors develop, kidney tumors in particular, explained Jen Coleman with the Oregon Environmental Council.

Recently, 26 of the companies did agree to take the chemical out. But KGW learned it's still on the shelves.

We went to different stores in the Portland area and found a number of products with the chemical, including those specifically made for kids.

Children are not little adults. They re more vulnerable in different ways than adults are, so to know that a product that we re putting on our children s skin and hair has a known carcinogen in it, that seems like a problem to me, Coleman said.

The Oregon Environmental council urges everyone, especially if you have kids in your household, to check the labels of the products for cocamide DEA.

There are similar sounding chemicals like cocamide MEA in products, but Coleman said that chemical is of no concern, at least for now.

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