HUMBLE, Texas -- Thieves targeted a Humble-area church missionary group Sunday night but the victims are praying that the thieves will have a change of heart.

Kyle Ewald is the president and pastor of The Forgotten People a missionary group that builds churches and delivers food, supplies, and education to the remote mountainous regions of Guatemala.

Some of their promotional materials, documentary cameras, and other supplies used for fundraising were parked Sunday night in an SUV and attached trailer in the parking lot of New Covenant Church on Wilson Road.

Police alerted Ewald Monday morning that the SUV, without its wheels and battery, had been found with trailer still attached behind Spence Elementary School 14 miles away. The vehicle and trailer had been stripped of everything valuable including the cameras and a few hundred dollars in donated cash the group had recently received.

Probably everything was just worth, probably a good $7,000 to $8,000 just inside the trailer, said Ewald.

You could see that we're obviously about a mission, Ewald said of the clearly marked SUV and trailer. It's unbelievable nowadays people don't care what they're going to take.

What they hope the thieves take now, is a second look at who they stole from.

We're not mad at the people by any means. We don't hate the people by any means, said Ewald who says he and his team stopped to say a prayer for the thieves as they left the impound yard where the SUV and trailer are now stored.

If the people are watching we just honestly ask, hey, we want you to know that we're not mad but we'd like our stuff back.

They also ask that if anyone saw anything suspicious around the time the vehicles were stolen that they call police.

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