HOUSTON -- A local artist is taking on a huge mission to help rescue dogs during the month of April. It's called 30 Dogs in 30 Days.

It's kind of like training for a marathon, said artistLeiann Klein.

It's a race run with a stroke of a brush and a few splashes of water.

It has completely consumed everything in this household, said Klein.

Klein hadn't picked up a brush for years, but thanks to Jasmine, her Australian Shepherd rescue dog, the paint has started to flow again.

I really wanted to do something to help local rescue, said Klein.

The goal is: 30 dogs painted in 30 days by one artist. Just like that the effort was born.

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To sit here and look at a pup all day long is a great day in the office, said Klein.

When word got out about Klein's bold plan the photos started pouring in, one after another.

I'm on my fifth round of printer ink, said Klein.

People shared pictures of their pooches, every shape, color, and size. Her studio is now covered, more than 300 in all, and she's turning those pictures into portraits.

(I) wake up each day pick one, and paint it for the day, said Klein.

There are retrievers and also pit bulls -- a different dog, every day, each with a different story to tell. So far, she's crafted 15. And there's still 15 more to go.

Some days are a little more exhausting than others, said Klein.

Her calendar keeps her on target. And, of course, so do her dogs who watch while she paints for hours. Each painting will be auctioned off to help Operation Pets Alive, a local rescue group.

Funds are always badly needed, said President Marcia Piotter. It could make a huge difference.

A huge difference thanks to one dog and an artist's rekindled love for making their photos come to life.

I wish I had the stamina to paint 365 dogs in 365 days, Klein said.

But for now, she'll stick to 30. And who knows, your dog could be next.

The online bidding for the paintings begins Thursday.

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