SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio pit bull rescue group is standing firm on allegations a dog was nearly severed at the neck on the city's northeast side.

Heaven Sent Pit Bull Rescue claims 'Brutus' is a victim of animal cruelty.

Cassandra Zigler found the brown and white pit bull on Saturday with an deep slash across his throat. After posting a picture of the injured dog on Facebook, Heaven Sent Pit Bull Rescue stepped in to help.

The friendly, muscular dog underwent surgery Tuesday at the Camelot Animal Hospital and is already on his way to a full recovery.

Brutus was all smiles and couldn't wait to give kisses as soon as he woke up from surgery, HSPBR founder Sherise Davila told KENS 5. Brutus is now on the road to recovery and becoming a proud service dog through Heaven Sent Pit Bull Rescue.

A veterinarian at the hospital said Brutus was cut with a knife, and that the gash came very close to severing the dog's artery.

The rescue group is now trying to raise $1,800 for Brutus' medical bills. So far, $95 has been raised.

Brutus will remain in the hospital for the rest of the week. Davila said Brutus will be accepting visitors at the hospital and that she will be posting Brutus' visitation schedule on Heaven Sent Pit Bull Rescue's Facebook page, as soon as he is clear for visits.

Meanwhile, the person who slashed Brutus' throat remains unidentified and uncaught.

Davila says HSPBR is not going to report the incident to Animal Control Services, even though a crime was committed.

Donations, get-well cards and supplies may be dropped off at Camelot Animal Hospital, located at 6240 Montgomery Dr., or sent by mail to Heaven Sent Pit Bull Rescue, at PO Box 33864, in San Antonio, Texas, 78265.

Davila says be sure to include a return address, so Brutus can write back.

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