SAN ANTONIO -- A Houston mother who said she left her abusive husband and was hoping to start a new life here is now homeless. The woman said she was kicked out of the Battered Women and Children's Shelter after speaking out because of bed bugs.

A two-week stay at the shelter ended abruptly Tuesday night, according to the woman who asked us to conceal her identity.

We don t have money, said the woman as tears rolled down her face.

The woman said she was forced to sleep in her car. She claims the shelter kicked out her family for complaining to staff about a bed bug infestation. She said the insects feasted on her body and bit her daughter and two boys.

It hurts standing right now. It's all the way down to my feet, she said.

I can't put my shoe on all the way because there is one on my toe and it hurts really bad, said the woman's young daughter.

The president of the shelter said staff would never evict a family for complaining about bed bugs.

I cannot and will not discuss anything related to services that we've provided for any of our clients ever, said Marta Pelaez, president of the shelter. When people come and go these disgusting things do attach themselves to people.

We were told the shelter has dealt with these blood sucking parasites from time to time but has never had a major outbreak.

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