HOUSTON -- Surrounded by rusted rubble, the structure in the 5600 block of West 34th Street looks like an old abandoned warehouse. It s actually someone s home.

This is where the apartment is, said Dave Wilson, who gave KHOU 11 News a brief tour before playing the video that showed a burglar robbing him blind.

He said it happened about a month ago around 4:30 a.m. The surveillance shows a guy walking up to the fence, presumably cutting the lock and then calmly driving off with a flatbed truck and trailer.

It s real unnerving, said Wilson.

He also called it frustrating because he believes the crime should have been stopped or at the very least reported to the police, by a tax-payer funded private investigator stationed at the motel across the street.

He must have either been asleep or he must be totally incompetent, said Wilson.

So why would a private investigator be stationed at the nearby motel? Because Wilson is the Houston Community College Trustee accused of duping voters into thinking he was black who's being sued by the county to prove whether or not he lives in the district.

At the very least, he was complicit while a felony was going on right under his eyes, added Wilson.

Officials at the County Attorney's Office confirm they did have a private investigator stationed across the street. But what his video shows isn't helping Dave Wilson much.

The 30 minute clip starts and stops, but never shows the moment when a guy cut the chain-linked lock and drove off with the truck.

We're just saying there are discrepancies between the two videos and the versions of what happened, said assistant county attorney Robert Soard.

But to Wilson, there s no doubt he was robbed.

Because keeping criminals out is not an easy job, said Wilson.

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