GALVESTON, Texas Sheriff s investigators are building their case against James Cosby, and they believe he not only knew about the violent death of his daughter and her girlfriend, he tried to cover it up.

The bodies of Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson were found near a dumpster in Port Bolivar, but authorities are now calling Cosby s Houston home a second crime scene.

According to court documents, they searched Cosby s bedroom and found large areas of blood on surfaces throughout.

Investigators said they sent several items to a lab that could have been used as weapons, including a hammer.

A criminal complaint filed in court says detectives also noticed a missing window shutter on Cosby s home. They found a shutter matching the missing one covered in blood near where the victim s bodies were found.

Detectives said Cosby claimed the shutter had been missing before he move into his home. But investigators say they found Cosby s thumb print on the bloody shutter near the crime scene. When they asked him how the print got there, he could not provide a reason as to why, according to court documents.

In court filing, deputies also said they have surveillance video showing the victim s SUV going in both directions on the Bolivar ferry. They believe the bodies were transported by someone in the couple s car and then simply dumped in Galveston.

Right now, Cosby is charged with tampering with evidence, specifically tampering with human corpses.

Investigators said they are waiting on lab tests to results to decide whether to upgrade the charges to murder.

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