HOUSTON Parents in Baytown were on edge after a woman reportedly tried to lure a 9-year-old boy walking to Victoria Walker Elementary School into her car using candy.

The fifth grade boy was walking to school Wednesday around 7:30 a.m. when the woman parked on the side of the road and tried to convince him to get inside her car, police said.

She stuck her arm out and motioned for him to come toward the car. And because of the noise Garth Road is very busy he could only hear the word candy, said Detective Luzette Watkins with the Baytown Police Department.

The child didn t fall for it.

The child made the right decision in running and then immediately reporting it to the principal, said Watkins.

The student was not the only one who has the right idea.

I would ve probably done what the boy did and run to the school and tell the teachers and everything, and the principal, said Kaitlyn Rodriguez, a student.

Parents said they normally feel safe in the neighborhood, but now they make sure to tell their children not to take chances.

I will never let him even walk that corner by himself, ever, said parent Ashley Coburn. (He knows) to scream as loud as he can, and run the other way. Never get in the car with anybody.

The school will have extra security for the next few days.

It s scary. I mean I just tell her to tell her to stay on the other side of the fence, not to walk by herself, said Oscar Rodriguez, another parent.

The fifth grade student did as he was taught and set an example for his peers.

Practice common sense with your children. Tell your child to walk in pairs. If they can t do that, tell them to never ever go to a person, in a vehicle or not in a vehicle, that they don t know, said Watkins.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime stoppers at 281-427-TIPS.

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