AUSTIN, Texas -- An Austin start-up is on the verge of getting global attention for a free app created by former high-tech workers.

Creators of the app called Shelfbucks are one of 47 global companies vying for the coveted Accelerator Award at South by Southwest.

The local business already beat out more than 40 other American companies by snagging the top prize in Silicon Valley last year.

Whether we win or lose, we're going to put our best foot forward, and if we win, we're going to have a great cocktail hour, and we're going to cheer to the success, but we've got a lot of successes already accomplished and a lot ahead of us and at the register, said Erik McMillan, Shelfbucks co-founder and CEO.

The Tarrytown Pharmacy in west Austin is the first business to try out Shelfbucks offering nearly 100 items from make-up to office supplies and some medications.

We get to promote products, and multiple kinds of products, with that being said, and two, it's a win-win for the customer, said Mark Newberry, owner of the Tarrytown Pharmacy.

Shelfbucks works at participating businesses when customers who ve downloaded the free app wave their smartphones across products with the Shelfbucks sign next to them.

Shelfbucks creators say they are currently talking to a number of major retailers across the country and are predicting we could see more.

The Accelerator Award ceremony is Sunday night.

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