SAN ANTONIO -- Ah, the power of social media: A man loses a wedding band inside a baseball glove and, through Facebook, is in the process of recovering it from a teenage boy in just a matter of days.

Over the weekend, 16-year-old Ryan Alexander went shopping with his mom for the perfect baseball glove in Waco, Texas. But after purchasing it and taking it home, the boy found a peculiar item inside the snug-fitting mitt; a wedding ring with the words 'I Love My Marine' engraved on the inside.

Ryan and his mother decided to reach out to KWTX, a local TV station, for help in locating the ring's rightful finger.

As it turns out, the jewelry belongs to Chad Rumsey, a Texan who saw the story on a Facebook post and decided to leave a comment.

I am embarrassed to say that it is mine, Rumsey wrote on Facebook. I was looking for a 1st base men's glove for my 9 yo and didn't realize it came off in the glove.

Rumsey said he contacted the TV station to get his band back.

Thank you to everyone that shared this post. This just goes to show that there are good people willing to do the right thing. I hope I get the chance to meet the young man that found the ring and his family for being proactive in finding out who the ring belongs to.

Facebook may not be in the relationship business like eHarmony, but when community members come together to share stories online, it can certainly be a matchmaker.

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