WEBSTER, Texas -- A 19-year-old man is charged with a felony after having an online relationship with an underage girl.

Christopher Lee Betancourt was charged with online solicitation of a minor.

The 14-year-old girl s mother called the Webster Police Department after her daughter ran away from home one day. Betancourt had picked her up, but returned her after learning that police had been called.

The daughter told her mother that the two never had sex, but did confirm that Betancourt was her boyfriend. In fact, she said, he was the ex-boyfriend of a friend from church, who was only 13 years old, according to court documents.

The minor said she and Betancourt would communicate mostly on her mobile phone and on Facebook. She also said said the two sent each other nude photos of themselves through text messages.

Police obtained a warrant to search Betancourt s Facebook account and found the following messages:

Betancourt: Oh okay baby nd oh I wont have sex w u on the first day wen I go see u baby

Betancourt: Baby? Or do u want to have sex baby?

Minor: I mean like r yhu ok with me being a virgin?

Betancourt: Yes baby im okay w dat baby

Minor: && bout the whole having sex thing wen yhu come && see me... Only if yhu want to?

Betancourt: Awwwww okay baby nd idk yet baby maybe next week baby

Betancourt: wen im off again baby

When police questioned Betancourt, he allegedly admitted to having a relationship with the girl, but said he thought she was 15 years old. He also admitted to chatting with her on Facebook.

Investigators did not find any images of the underage girl or any other child pornography in Betancourt s possession. Investigators said that Betancourt did, however, admit that his last cell phone had been destroyed after he dropped it in the toilet and they also discovered that many images had been previously deleted from his Facebook account.

Authorities moved forward with filing charges based on their findings.

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