FRISCO A Collin County district judge ordered Frisco police to turn over a copy of medical records authorities seized from a Frisco mother who has been accused of killing her 10-year-old son.

State District Judge Scott Becker gave the Frisco Police Department until noon on March 1 to comply with his order. But he also ordered that original documents remain in the possession of the FPD or any entity investigating on its behalf until the conclusion of the investigation.

Pallavi Dwahan was arrested on a murder charge in late Jan. 29 in the family s bathtub. Her husband has repeatedly declared her innocence and said the former NASA computer programmer put their son, Arnav, on ice to await his return from an out-of-town business trip so that he could deliver last rites. Dhawan posted $50,000 bond and was released from jail.

The medical records were in the family s car, which was authorities seized.

David Finn, the mother s attorney, said the medical examiner has not been able to find any evidence that the boy was murdered. He expects the final results of an autopsy this week.

Shortly after Pallavi s arrest, Finn filed a motion demanding that police release the records. He said he believed that the records would help provide that his client did not murder his son.

According to Becker s order, Dwahan had argued the records should be returned because the department simply has shad them long enough to conduct its investigation. Frisco police argued that it does not know where the evidence may lead and this request only serves as a distraction of its resources in trying to quickly conduct/conclude its investigation.

The judge also noted that the records could be obtained by Dwahan from the medical care providers.

Medical records released by Finn on Monday showed that the boy suffered neurological and developmental problems since birth. As early as eight and half months old, records from Mayo Clinic showed that there were concerns about small head growth and possible craniosynostis, which is a condition in which affects the growth of an infant s skull. The records also noted that he had microcephaly, a neurodevelomenal disorder.

Records from the University of Wisconsin medical center noted that Arnav had a cyst on the left side of his brain and he was at risk of having seizures.

In his ruling, the judge also denied requests that were made orally during last Friday s hearing. Finn said those requests include that police return birth certificates, prayer bookers and the Dwahan s car.

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