HOUSTON The attempted robbery of a pharmacy in west Harris County Thursday was foiled by a few observant women sitting in a parking lot, according to Harris County Sheriff s deputies.

Four suspects who were in a parking lot in the 8100 block of South Highway 6 did not know they were being watched the entire time.

Three alert women who saw the men noticed something looked suspicious as the suspects appeared to be casing businesses in the strip center around 8:30 a.m.

They were peeping out the scene. I was like, they look suspicious, one witness said.

The women immediately called 911, fearing that the suspects were going to rob Falcon Pharmacy.

The first guy got out the car and he was just looking around, looking around and the other guys were sitting in the car. And he went up to the business and was pulling on the door, yanking on the door and turned around and gave a signal and everyone jumps out the car, one witness described.

By that time, deputies arrived to the scene and took the suspects into custody.

Deputies were trying to figure out if it s the same men who robbed other pharmacies in the area. They said they released the men because they didn t have enough evidence to charge them.

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