SANANTONIO, Texas -- In 2009, San Antonio dispatchers couldn t believe their ears: a 911 call was made from a homeless couple camping near Hwy 151.

The anonymous couple claimed a Bigfoot was in woods with them.

That news story that you covered, that's what let the cat out of the bag, said self-proclaimed Bigfoot hunter Rick Dyer.

Dyer said that report prompted him to head to Texas, where he tracked down the Sasquatch and shot not one but two--of the beasts near Loop 1604 in northwest Bexar County.

There's no allegedly about it. I shot and killed the beasts there, Dyer said.

If Dyer s name sounds familiar to viewers, it s because he made KENS 5 news for other reasons in 2011, when San Antonio police arrested him for defrauding folks on eBay, for allegedly selling them Corvettes he never delivered.

But Dyer s real fame comes among the Bigfoot hunting community: where he is known for a Sasquatch hoax in 2008 that gained international attention.

Dyer said he s on tour now with his latest kill, to restore his reputation.

It's just impossible to be faked. I don't have the budget to fake it, if it could be done, Dyer said.

His tour is called the I told You So tour, currently located in the Texas panhandle with stops planned in Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

According to news reports, stops in Arizona and parts of New Mexico have reportedly fallen flat, with venues refusing to hold his exhibit.

So, what exactly is in the glass enclosure?

Dyer calls him Hank, and says it s an 800-pound, 8-foot creature stuffed and mounted--a new species.

When pressed for details about claims of DNA tests, an autopsy and an MRI, Dyer said an unnamed, west coast university has taken 15 months to complete them all.

At first, Dyer s promoter said the tests haven t been released yet.

But Dyer said he s signed a non-disclosure agreement with the college and cannot tell the I-Team the results of the research.

Expect his taxidermied tour to reach San Antonio s citizens in the coming weeks.

I'm not trying to make them believe. I'm just giving them the opportunity to come and see it. And they can leave here and make up their own mind, said Dyer.

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