HOUSTON A local woman claims to be Houston s first professional romance consultant and is offering her services to busy professionals looking to impress their significant others on Valentine s Day.

I m a hopeless romantic by nature, said Annette Holmes, whose new firm is called Simply Sweet Gestures.

She s an accountant who decided to start charging for the free romantic advice she would often give to friends.

I had the ideas and passion for it, said Holmes. Why not make it a living?

Holmes will offer ideas and advice on how to make a marriage proposal more elaborate or an anniversary more special. She ll also write love letters and send them on a client s behalf.

They key to winning hearts she says - is to make an impression.

Make it memorable, said Holmes. Let mebe Cupid, give me a bow and arrow and I can make it happen.

Shoppers flocking to candy stores and flower shops had mixed feelings on the service.

Valentine s Day is a day of love, said Pablo Bermudez, who married his wife on the holiday six years ago. It should come from your heart not your wallet.

But Holmes looks at her consulting as an investment.

We need to invest in the people who are in our life, she said.

The service is confidential, so a client s significant other will have no idea a consultant came up with a romantic idea.

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