HOUSTON The city of Houston is in the middle of a red hot housing market,but Martha Turner has seen the booms and busts through the years.

Turner was born in Hemphill, Texas. She worked in her parent s feed store at the age of six until she went to college.

She worked as an elementary school teacher for 15 years, but she had an itch for selling houses.

I have a God-given talent and it is a gift that I was given, said Turner. The gift of communication first, and the gift of selling.

She sold her first house in 1979 for $78,000, and from that point on, she was well on her way to building an empire.

She opened her own real estate firm in 1981, and three decades later she is an icon.

I can hold my own in a real gentle way, said Turner.

In 2013, her company had over $2 billion in sales. Her company was recently bought by Sotheby s International Realty.

I found someone to buy the company, leave my name in front, and let me stay as long as I wanted to, said Turner.

Turner is a Texas original with a passion to match desire.

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