HOUSTON A Houston-area mom is accused in a brutal case of child abuse.

Investigators said Latreccia Hadnot, 31, admitted to beating her 6-year-old child with a telephone cord.

School officials spotted the injuries on the child s back and called police. A school counselor described them as so severe, they looked like something you d see in the mini-series Roots.

Harris County Protective Services said observant school employees may have save the child s life.

We depend on the school a lot to be our extra set of ears and eyes, to watch out for these children, said agency spokeswoman Estella Olguin. The person who makes the report could be the person to save a child.

Investigators said Hadnot said she was frustrated and lost control.

Neighbors said they never witnessed any physical abuse, but it was pretty clear the victim and his siblings weren t being watched.

Even on cool days they would come out with no shoes and no shirt on, said the neighbor who didn t want his name used.

Hadnot s children are now being cared for by relatives. A judge ordered her to have only supervised visits with the victim.

She was given a $20,000 bond.

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