CYPRESS, Texas With school already canceled, 9-year-old McKenzie Diggs was really hoping for snow. But despite weather predictions, only sleet and rain fell out of the sky Tuesday morning.

I was really disappointed, she said.

So her father rented a snow machine and brought in 400 pounds of snow in bags.

My kid wanted a snow day, said Charlie Diggs . So I decided to make it a snow day.

Diggs dumped out the snow in a park in the Fairfield subdivision and fired up the snow machine. Within minutes, he created a miniature winter wonderland.

Word quickly spread on Facebook and neighbors came to enjoy the faux snow storm.

He gets the father of the year award, said Michelle Cole, a mom who lives down the street. The kids got excited, it sleet a little bit, but nothing stuck. We want the kids to have fun.

Children made snowmen, snow balls and snow angels. And McKenzie got her wish.

It s awesome, she said.

This will be one snow storm these kids will remember for years to come.

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