KATY, Texas -- Empty schools, empty playgrounds, and a frozen stop sign say it all: school s out for the day and the kids are home to play. For stay at home mother Amanda Sterr, that means she s working a little harder today.

Double duty. It s good. They get to stay home, family time. Big brother gets to play with little brother, said Sterr.

Her son Donovan Molina, a second grader at Rylander Elementary School, gets a day off.

It s cool that we don t have to go to school. I feel excited to be home so I don t have to go through all that work, said Molina.

Katy ISD sent a text to all the parents notifying them Monday. But that doesn't mean Molina slept in.

He woke me up this morning jumping. The first thing he did was he went outside and checked if there were any icicles, said Sterr.

While Donovan is excited to stay home and play with brother Miles, he does admit the bad weather is getting in the way of the lesson plan.

On a sunny day, we re going to school and using prisms. We re learning how light bends, said Sterr.

Sterr enjoys the rare opportunity to get a leisure day with both her boys at home.

We get to stay in all day, watch movies, drink hot cocoa, said Sterr.

And as Donovan thinks it over and the day comes to a close, he realizes he could get used to this.

I don t want to go to school tomorrow. I want it to be another day off, said Molina.

But not so fast, tomorrow, weather permitting: it s probably back to school.

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