HOUSTON A 13-year-old girl says she has lost trust in others after she claims a man targeted her near school two days in a row.

The seventh-grader attends Sugar Grove Academy middle school, located in the 8400 block of Bonhomme in southwest Houston.

The girl, who we re not identifying, said the man first approached her on Thursday after school. The victim said she was walking home when the man tried to lure her behind a car wash.

He started touching me all over my body, and I tried to run away, she said. He told me if I say something, he was going to do something to me, like he was going to try to kill me.

The victim said she ran home and kept quiet.

However, she said the man was back at it the following morning. The Sugar Grove student said she bolted after the man cornered her and grabbed her again.

He was waiting for me on the corner again, she said. I m scared if he does something bad. I m going to make him go to jail.

The girl said she told a dean as soon as she got to school.

Letters were sent home with students on Friday afternoon. The cautionary note advised students to walk in groups, avoid distractions and resist and yell if anything similar happens to them.

I feel kind of scared, said sixth-grader Fred Harris. It s bad if there s a stranger trying to hurt you.

The student who said she was targeted twice isn t going to be walking to and from school anymore.

Every dude I see, I feel like they re going to do something to me, she said.

Her mother now plans to give her rides every day.

HISD Police are now investigating.

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