TEXAS CITY, Texas Three male suspects were arrested after a Texas City couple fought them off during an attempted home invasion earlier this month, police said.

The 71-year-old woman and 89-year-old man say she used her fists and he used a gun to try to stand up to the intruders.

A guy jumped from the back of this car and put a gun to his throat and said turn around and get back in the house, Jannette Fletcher, one of the victims, said.

The grandmother described how the masked suspects took her husband by surprise.

He said, Get in the house, in the house, in the house. That s all he was saying, Harold Fletcher, the other victim, said.

Seconds later, the 89-year-old, was knocked to the floor. Jannette Fletcher thought her husband was having a heart attack.

And I shoved the guy out of the way, and I was saying, What have you done, Jannette Fletcher said.

The men ransacked the home and ripped phones from the walls, leaving the couple no way to call for help.

They have no right to come in our home like this. This is the second time. This is the second time that we ve had this happen, Jannette Fletcher said.

This time the men stole a gun and more than $1,000.

When they got ready to leave they made us get in this bathroom, Jannette Fletcher said.

However, the couple was able to escape through another door.

And then I ran back here and I couldn t find my husband. He had jumped in this car and started chasing them, Jannette Fletcher said.

Harold Fletcher followed them to a neighborhood miles away and chased the suspects to the end of a street. That is when the grandfather and the suspects started shooting at each other.

No one was hurt, but Texas City police arrested the three young suspects, who had been pinned down by an elderly man.

I didn t know if I could find them but I know if I didn t they probably never would have been found, Harold Fletcher said.

His wife is sorry they ever got away.

Should have shot em and killed em. That s what goes through my mind, Jannette Fletcher said.

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