HOUSTON Neighbors in Garden Oaks are hoping that a nearby nightclub will be denied a new beer license and close.

They have police reports and questionable surveillance video in their arsenal against the La Villita Nite Club, located in the 800 block of W. 34th Street.

I ve seen women there, actually girls, that are dressed very provocatively and hanging out at the front entrance of the club, said Gil Evans.

In video shot by a hired private investigator, a woman at the club takes a man s money, counts it and he is sent in behind her.

A lot of the neighbors, we ve talked about it, we would like to see it gone, Jerry Evans said.

The private investigator was hired by a local business owner, who is hoping to prove that the club is a crime magnet.

Neighbors have their own stories, too.

We walk around the neighborhood and walk down 34th Street occasionally and see the activity there or leftover activity during the day from the night, Matt Roesler told KHOU 11 News.

Roesler also said his daughter was hit driving past the club as someone pulled out.

She had an accident there because a drunk guy pulled right in to her, he said.

Since May 2012, Houston Police had 14 offense reports from the club address. More than half were assaults and one included a suspect firing a gun.

The owner s attorney calls the crime at the club greatly exaggerated and the family of the owner told KHOU 11 News that the fuss is because someone wants to buy the prime real estate.

But for those who live around here, they believe the club just doesn t belong.

It s not something that needs to be in our neighborhood, said Gil Evans. It truly does not.

Residents attended a county hearing last month to present evidence against the club. The county is expected to make a decision on license renewal next week.

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