HOUSTON -- New Year's Eve meant big business for stores hoping to cash in on the countdown to 2014.

We'll have more people come through our stores than any other day of the year, said John Rydman, owner of Spec's Wine and Spirits.

Champagne was the most popular item at Spec's on NYE, with bottles going from $9 each to as much as $1,400.

At Arnie's Party Supply, customers were picking up hats, noisemakers and streamers.

Store managers say New Year's celebrations trump Christmas purchases in terms of sales for the store.

Fireworks stores and stands were also very busy as it got closer to midnight.

At Fireworks Outlet on Beltway 8 and 288, shoppers packed the business, buying large boxes of rockets, firecrackers and shells.

The type of firework people were purchasing was apparently split down gender lines.

The guys like anything that makes a big boom, said manager Becky Blasberg. While the girls like the colors.

Fireworks are not allowed in the Houston city limits and prohibited in parts of unincorporated Harris County.

According to a new state law, fireworks must be transported in the trunk, glove box or cargo compartment of a vehicle. The devices must be out of reach of the driver and passengers.

Shoppers have until January 1 to purchase fireworks for New Year celebrations.

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