HOUSTON There is one thing on the minds of people in Katy, a city that lives and breathes football.

You can tell by some of the signs along some of the streets in the community.

They are cheering on the Katy High School Tigers, which will attempt to win an eighth 5A Championship Saturday.

Families (of the players) support the team so well because they ve always played fair, and they re strong, said Robert Binkowski.

At the school on Wednesday Joshua The Tank Thornton was studying plays. The junior offensive lineman said he wants to make sure he s ready for the big game.

In a school on the brink of a major win, you d think there d be all kinds of rallies. That was not the case at Katy High, at least this week.

We re not able to have a pep rally this week because of the final exam schedule. So we ll do a send off or something right before the boys leave. But it s a bit anti-climactic as we go into the big game, said Principal Steve Robertson.

It may be quiet now, but that won t be the case in Arlington when Margaret Lister shows up to scream her heart out for her son who plays on the team.

You know last year was an amazing experience and to follow it up again would be icing on the cake to win back-to-back championships for Katy High School, Lister said.

That s why The Tank has spent hours readying for battle and won t let up until the tigers come home champs. Again.

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