SAN ANTONIO -- Like a miracle, said Hazel Ledesma about her daughter's organ donation. Miracle of life, she added.

Sharon Ledesma Rojas died shielding her children from a car. But she is giving life after death.

Her organs were donated to five people and that brings comfort to her family when they try to make sense of her death.

Daniel Govea was Hazel Ledesma's neighbor. He received a gift that can't be wrapped or placed under the tree.

She was an angel, said 51-year-old Govea.

Every morning I see her and I thank her, he said as he looked at her picture hanging on his Christmas tree.

Govea says in October he was just about to give up on going to his painful dialysis treatments.

I'm so tired of dialysis, he said. I don't want to go no more, he recalled. But the death of his neighbor, 28-year-old Sharon gave him a second chance.

In October she was walking her two children to her grandmother's home children at Culebra and Consuelo when a car hit her and her kids. She tried to shield them, but took the brunt of the hit.

After she was taken off life support, her mother Hazel realized maybe her death could bless others.

I feel she's still around through him, Hazel Ledesma said. She knew her neighbor's health was failing and took action shortly after her daughter passed.

He's the first person I thought of, said Hazel. I knew what he was going through. Now we're family.

Govea had the operation right away.

It was a 100 percent match, Govea said.

He's one of the five people who received her organs.

I know her heart went to New Jersey, said Govea.

The thought comforts the family and makes Sharon not only their hero, but their angel.

She would've liked to save people's lives, said Hazel. I mean she saved her children's lives.

Like a miracle, said Hazel. Miracle of life. She's my angel, said Hazel.

Sharon's 8-year-old girl and 11 year-old-boy suffered broken bones but are recovering.

Hazel, their grandmother is raising them with Daniel's help.

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