HOUSTON Seven armed thieves burst into a gun store and stole everything they could get their hands on.

It happened early Friday morning at the SOG Armory Inc located in the 11700 block of the South Sam Houston Parkway West.

Mark Kinsler owns the gun store and shared his surveillance video that shows the crime from start to finish.

It all started at the back door where two criminals used a crowbar, but could not pry it open. Their backup plan was to back the getaway U-Haul van through the garage door, and it worked.
Here they come with guns, said Kinsler as he watched the surveillance. They were getting in here no matter what.

From the force of the van, you can actually see dust and ceiling particles floating around like snow.

The thieves ripped open drawers, stole money from the register, swiped weapons, and even managed to snag a safe bolted to the floor.

How they got it up, I do not have a clue, but they did, he said.

The alarm was going off, but an officer didn t show up for more than an hour because the SOG Armory s city alarm permit had recently expired. The renewal fee was in the mail, but it wasn t processed before the City of Houston closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

It s not like we re a nursery that had an alarm that went off that was expired, said Kinsler. They know we are a gun store and they decided not to dispatch anyone out here.

At one point in the video, a suspect is looking out the front door and slowly turns to the camera. You can make out part of his face and eyes.

The smash-and-grab is over in about three minutes, but one thief does stumble with the heavy safe on the way out.

Kinsler noticed in the video that the suspects came in with K-47s and M-16s but could have left with a whole lot more.

Luckily, the SOG Armory is moving soon and most of the weapons are at the new location.

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