HOUSTON-- An East Houston mother is in jail after police say she left her three toddlers alone at night when she went to work on Friday night.

Neighbors called police to an apartment on Maxey Road after seeing the children wandering around the complex and eating rotten banana peels.

Isidro Puga made the call while his mother took in the children and made sure they were warm and safe.

Honestly, I'm pretty upset about the whole thing, said Puga. I mean if you have kids, you gotta care for them regardless of what you gotta do. I mean your kids come first before anything else.

Police say the apartment where the children were living had one mattress, smelled of urine and there was no food.

Kimberly Rodriguez has been charged with endangering a child and is in the Harris County Jail.

CPS officials also tell us that they have had complaints about Rodriguez before but she always moved before they could find her.

CPS took the children ages 1, 2, and 3 and put them with a foster family. Their fourth sibling is with her biological father and Rodriguez is pregnant with her 5th child.

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