HOUSTON The New Year s Eve party in downtown Houston has been cancelled because the mayor's office couldn't find a corporate sponsor to help pay the tab.

For the last three years, Discovery Green has hosted the biggest New Year's Eve bash in downtown Houston. But now, at least for this year, the party's off.

There was a very good faith effort to try and find sponsorship out of the private sector for this and the sponsorship hasn't come through, said Bob Eury with Central Houston, Inc.

There are also no plans for any downtown fireworks on New Year's Eve. The mayor's special events director was in charge of finding a sponsor to help pay the $500,000 tab for this party.

The mayor managed to cobble together a sponsorship deal to save the Houston's long-running Thanksgiving parade, but officials say it's a tougher sell finding sponsors for the New Year's Eve event they started just three years ago.

That's too bad, though, said David Smith. We see it on TV and hope that they change their minds so people can have a good, safe place to come down and spend time.

Six weeks before New Years, they say it's too late to save this year's bash, but the mayor's office said they'll keep looking for a corporate sponsor, who might sign the checks to revive the event for next year.

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