HOUSTON An HISD police officer opened fire on a pair of suspected car burglars outside Barbara Jordan High School on Thursday morning, officials said.

The principal of the high school and the assistant HISD police chief addressed the incident later in a press conference, saying that they ve had a number of car break-ins in the school parking lot over the past few weeks.

Because of that, a campus officer was patrolling the parking lot a few minutes before 8:30 a.m. when he saw two men breaking into a student s pickup truck. The suspects had already boosted a radio from the truck when the officer confronted them and ordered them to get out of their vehicle, but they refused, police said.

The officer said the suspects truck sped toward him, and he opened fire. One of the pickup truck s windows was shot out, but there were no reports of injuries.Both suspectsgot away, HISD said.

The principal said the school was not placed on lockdown and the students were never in any danger, but parents were notified of the incident by phone call within 45 minutes.

Before that call ever went out, however, some parents learned what was happening via social media. Others received calls from their frightened children.

All he said was that he heard gunshots and that he was afraid and hiding in the restroom, said Jacqueline Williams.

Oh my goodness, they didn t tell me anything, another parent said. And that makes me more upset, especially with me being an HISD driver because, he honest, tell us the truth because you would want to know the truth if you had a child there also. It s so much going on.

As per standard procedure, the incident remains under investigation, and the officer will be placed on administrative duty.

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