(KMOV) -- A woman called News 4 moments after doctors sent her home from a Jefferson County hospital with an IV needle and tubing still lodged in her hand.

The woman, Wendi Elliott, was discharged around 4 p.m. on Wednesday from Mercy Jefferson Hospital.Elliott traveled back to her De Soto home after spending two days at Mercy Jefferson for stomach cramps. She was discharged at 1:30 p.m.

According to her, no one at the hospital, not even the nurses, seemed concerned about the needle in her hand.

She looked at it and said it was a piece of tape and just take it off when you get home when the bleeding stops. What did you think? Honestly, I thought she was out of her mind, I looked at her and my arm and I looked at my daughter and went OK, what am I supposed to do, they're the professionals, not me, said Elliott.

After coming home, it didn t take long for friends and her family as well as her doctor to tell her that just wasn t right.

While she was on the phone with a News 4 producer, hospital staff started calling her frantically asking her to come back.

News 4 was there when she traveled back to the hospital where she filmed as a nurse finally removed the needle.

A spokesperson for Mercy Jefferson Hospital made it clear to News 4 s Matt Sczesny that there s a process in place for discharging patients and believe that their process was followed on Wednesday even though a patient was told to leave with half-a-foot of tubing and a needle in her arm.

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