HOUSTON A new site is rounding up free music from around the web; and new toy robots are teaching young kids the basics of programming. This and more in today s Tech Talk...

== Solayo ==
The new website Solayo rounds up music from YouTube, Sound Cloud, and Daily Motio, allowing you to set up a playlist of your favorite songs. Like Pandora, Solayo will even recommend content based on your interests. Since it gathers the music from YouTube, you ll often get video to with your selections. All you have to do is type in a song or artist you like to get started. On the web:

== Dexter returns to Netflix ==
Netflix delivered a big Halloween treat for fans of the popular serial killer drama Dexter. The first four seasons of the Showtime series are now available for streaming. Customers will have to wait until Jan. 1 for seasons five through eight. Many fans complained when the show disappeared from Netflix two years ago.

== Play-i robots ==
Lastly, check out Play-I s Bo and Yana robots. Their makers are raising money online right now to further develop these little toy robots that children can program. The robots are designed for ages five and up. Kids can program them to move around, turn on lights, and make noise. All of the programming is done through an iPad app. If the fundraising campaign (ending in late November) is successful, they ll start shipping them out in the summer of 2014 at a starting price of about $50. On the web:

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