HOUSTON -- An estimated 2,000 local bicyclists participated in Critical Mass, it's a monthly bike ride through the streets of Houston.

It's organized chaos essentially, said Nick Davis. It's pretty much a big gigantic rolling party on wheels.

The event started with a few hundred riders, but has gotten larger and larger each month.

Organizers say it's designed to promote biker awareness, but some opponents believe the sheer number of cyclists on the street causes problems for drivers.

Critical Mass is working with Houston police to try to make the ride safer; officers manned red lights and kept bikers off sidewalks.

We're trying to get everyone through the major intersections, said Captain Larry Satterwhitte. We want to make sure everyone is safe, we don't want any tragedies.

The ride is designed to promote bike awareness and allow participants to have a good time.

Bicycles are vehicles too, said Davis. We are here to have fun like anybody else is.

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