PASADENA, Texas A Pasadena man has moved into a trash bin and will be living there for three days to do his part to help homeless people in the area.

The dumpster, which was donated by Waste Management, is located in the 7500 block of Spencer Highway displaying a large sign reading Accepting Donations of Blankets & Coats for Homeless Children, Women & Men.

He prayed people would donate 600 items, but what happened made this 50-year-old man cry.

You know, I wanted this to be big and God s going to make it big for me. This is great, Cassidy said.

Less than an hour in the can, Gabby Nguyen and her mom Amanda showed up with donations. For them, it s personal.

We were homeless at one time. Penny is the one who helped us, so I just want to pay it forward and teach (Gabby) how to do it, too, Amanda Nguyen said.

They even made waffles and Jell-O for Cassidy to eat.

Instead, Cassidy gave it to Peter Lazugaray, who sees hundreds of homeless on routes for Waste Management.

There s a lot of good people out there that just need a push. And when I found out what he was doing, it really touched me, Alzugaray, a Waste Management driver, said.

It touched Jeff Jackson, too.

We give a lot to the Boys and Girls Harbor over here, so we had all this stuff piled up. So we figured we come by and drop it off, Jackson, who donated clothes, said.

I was going to stop by and getting some donuts and coffee. But then I heard he didn t want no food or nothing like that. It s, I don t know, pretty commendable, Steve Hansen, who donated clothes, said.

Cassidy, who has worked with homeless outreach in Houston for nine years, dreamed living here could inspire others just not quite like this.

When they see someone who is in the Dumpster, you know, they realize there are people out there who are like this and just willing to give the jacket or shirt off their back... it s awesome. That s what it s all about, Cassidy said.

It s about to exceed expectations for Cassidy; it s prayers answered.

Everything donated will be given to homeless around the city starting Tuesday.

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