HOUSTON -- A woman with no renter's insurance has turned to social media to catch the crooks who took everything from electronics to bed sheets from her Heights home.

Burglars made short work of Racheal Collins fence and back door Friday. When she opened her front door, she was stunned.

Crooks stole scores of electronic games and movies, an iPad, and two TVs, including a $3,000, 72-inch television.

I had actually made a payment Thursday and it was gone on Friday, Collins said. I have been paying on it for almost three years.

She only had two payments left.

In her bedroom the thieves emptied her jewelry box and even took her linens.

Who takes bed sheets? Who takes pillowcases? Like I had nothing to sleep on, Collins said. It was a nightmare. It was completely terrifying.

She believes workmen parking outside her house interrupted the crooks before they took more. She says HPD told her crime scene units don't show up for property crimes.

So I have to be dead or violated for you guys to do something, Collins asked the patrol officer.

The 27-year-old felt like she needed to do the detective work on her case. She is working social media sites, trolling Craigslist, and asking for nearby security camera footage.

If I don't (do it), I know nobody else is going to, Collins said. The police are not going to.

The customer service specialist has little hope of getting her things back, but will settle for getting the bad guys.

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