KINGWOOD, Texas -- Police arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting two women, including a victim who was eight months pregnant.

Investigators say the suspect was high on meth when he randomly attacked the pregnant woman in the Town Center apartments.

It happened around 1:00 pm Friday; they say he robbed her, committed a sex act and then took off in her car.

The man then drove to the nearby Trailwood Village apartment complex where police say he sexually assaulted another victim.

That's really scary, said neighbor Vicki Curry. I live here by myself, to think there's a man going sexually assaulting woman.

After a frantic search, an officer spotted the first victim's stolen vehicle around 9:00 that night in the Town Center apartments where the first attack happened.

When police attempted to pull him over, the suspect got his vehicle stuck on a curb and tried to take off running; police were able to stop him in a breezeway.

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