TEMPLE, Texas -- Gun rights advocates are closely watching a trial in Central Texas where a Fort Hood soldier said police arrested him for carrying his gun on a hike.

Police were called about a man walking with a gun, so and officer went to check it out.

Sgt C.J. Grisham said the officer never asked to see the AR-15 that was slung across his body.

Grisham said the officer just grabbed for it as he argued with him.

The sergeant's son caught the encounter on tape in March and posted the video on YouTube.

Grisham is on trial for interfering with a police officer, but supporters said he did nothing wrong.

I think it's important for Americans to know that it's not okay for cops to just shoot first and ask questions later so to speak, to detain somebody, arrest them for something that's completely legal anyway, said Victoria Montgomery with Open Carry Texas.

The trial was in the hands of the jury.

The National Association for Legal Gun Defense pledged $1 million in legal services for Grisham's case.

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