STAFFORD, Texas The aggressor in the fight video from Stafford High School says she was the one bullied and snapped after being picked on.

She was calling me names, said 14-year-old Gabby Lerma. It made me mad and I wasn t gonna sit there and let her talk about me.

Her mother, Linda Lerma tells KHOU 11 News that after seeing our original story, she wanted to set the record straight.

She s not a bully the way they portrayed her to be, said Lerma. That s not her by any means at all and no I m not just saying that because she s my daughter.

The accusations came from Amy Mendez and her daughter Emily Ramirez, the girl who was clearly overpowered in the video.

I felt hopeless, helpless, said Mendez. I couldn t help her. There was nothing that I could do to stop this little girl for coming at my daughter with everything she had.

Both girls were suspended for three days, but it was Ramirez who was kicked out because she s an out of district student. Officials said her behavior didn t meet their expectations.

Basically what Stafford school is saying is that it s OK to be bullied, it s OK, we re gonna tolerate it, she said. For the ones that are being victimized, I m sorry but you gotta go because you re not in the district.

Ramirez is now appealing the expulsion.

Lerma is pretty sure if she lived out of district, she would be looking for a new school, too.

She also doesn t regret what happened.

If you could go back in time, would you do anything differently? asked KHOU 11 News reporter Tiffany Craig. She replied, Nope.

Gabby s mother believes before the camera started rolling, her daughter was provoked.

She was a girl that had enough of the name calling and the picking and the poking, she said. I know that s not right by any means. She knows that as well.

There is one thing the girls agree on. Both wish the video would just disappear.

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