HUMBLE, Texas -- A local plumber says he learned a tough lesson this past weekend after being pulled over in Humble for an expired tag.

He was arrested but not for his driving.

According to Humble Police, Glen Powdrill was arrested for not having driver s insurance.

Powdrill insists police are mistaken.

I have insurance. I ve had insurance. I m an upstanding member of the community. I m a business owner, and I m having to go to jail because I don t have a piece of paper, Powdrill said.

Powdrill claims he has commercial driver s insurance which isn t required to report to the database that police use.

He admits he mistakenly misplaced his insurance card. However, he doesn t believe that fits the punishment that came his way.

Powdrill was booked into jail and his truck was towed away.

I m thinking how can this be happening to me? I m sitting in the drunk tank no less, explained Powdrill. I didn t know what was going on. I was in complete shock.

Powdrill said he only spent about an hour in jail but had to post a $300 dollar bond.

It s part of a fairly new policy being enforced by Humble Police.

We re not arresting someone just because they don t have an insurance card with them or they left their driver s license at home by accident, said Sgt. Ken Theis with Humble Police. We have the capabilities in our cars now; we can check your license plate, see if you actually do have insurance.

Humble Police said if driver s can t show proof of insurance and an officer can t find it on the database, then an arrest is inevitable.

Overall the response from the citizens, almost all I ve talked to, think it s a great idea to get uninsured people off the roadway, Sgt. Theis said.

Sgt. Theis said the department began arresting drivers who don t have proof of insurance or don t have a driver s license about two years ago. He believes the stern measure is already cutting down on repeat offenders.

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