RICHMOND, Texas -- It's gator hunting season in the Brazos Lakes subdivision of Fort Bend County.

We dress up in slacks and skirts to go to work and we come home and we're rednecks, said Kerry Esmond.

It seems the man-made lakes in the neighborhood are attracting alligators.

When they come in, we have dogs and cats that disappear, said Property Owners Association board member Winston McKnight. We try to have fish stocked in our lakes and they'll eat the fish as well.'

Each year in September, Texas Parks and Wildlife give the POA nine tags to control the gator population.

Now, the POA is letting residents get in on the action.

You tell them you come out here and alligators hunt and they think swamp people riding around in boats, said Cole McKnight.

They don't use boats. Lines are used with plenty of bait.

Esmond and his wife Pam had good reason to hunt.

We think they ate our cat, Kerry said.

With a cell phone camera rolling, they managed to kill the biggest gator in the neighborhood.

We had to hook him to the golf cart to pull him out of the water he was so heavy, Esmond said. He was 11 foot. He was a mean looking alligator.

So far this year, three have been killed in Brazos Lakes.

Gator hunting season in Texas is over at the end of September.

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