HOUSTON Rain was a problem at The Rusk School in east Houston Fridaybecause the water was actually leaking inside.

The school has about 550 children enrolled.

Buckets and trash cans were placed all around the school to catch the falling water.

Officials say there is construction going on at the school, and because of the construction work, there are leaks, and water is getting into the building. They are working to get the leaks fixed.

A call from the principal went out to parents to explain:

Hello, this is Principal Eduardo Sindaco calling with an important message for The Rusk School parents. As a result of the heavy rain overnight and current construction on campus, we experienced water coming inside the building this morning. Administrators and maintenance personnel are working around the clock to fix the leaks as soon as possible and minimize classroom interruptions. However, to ensure the well-being and safety of all the students and staff, lunch will be provided in the classroom and students will remain at The Rusk for the rest of the day to continue with their normal school schedule. If you have questions or concerns, please call the school at 713-226-4543. Again, this was Eduardo Sindaco, principal at The Rusk School.

The minute Denise Stelly heard the message she went to pick up her 12-year-old daughter who has asthma.

It was dark, I came earlier. Kids were being escorted through the new area of the school said Stelly. There is water coming through to all the newly renovated areas of the school, slippery floors, buckets everywhere. Unsafe conditions for the kids.

Viewers sent KHOU 11 News photos of what it looks like inside. Construction work lights were hanging in certain areas of the school. Children said the cafeteria was a mess too. They had to eat lunch at their desks and take the long way to the bathrooms.

We had to go to the back and they had to bring lunch to the classroom said Jazlyn Delatorre.

Officials said students continued on with the school day without any interruptions.

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