HOUSTON Harris County s top lawman is speaking out after his north Houston home was burglarized on Friday.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia spoke exclusively with KHOU about the incident. He believed it happened in between a five hour window, anywhere from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

According to Garcia, the crook got into his Sue Street home by breaking a back window. Once inside, the burglar stole jewelry and a pistol.

There s a gun on the street, and I don t like the circumstances of that. I don t want a police officer or honest citizen being on the opposite side of that firearm, Sheriff Garcia said.

Nobody was home during the break-in.

Garcia s wife is the one who made the discovery after returning home. She apparently noticed things were out of place and called police right away.

It s a little unnerving for my wife. I content with this stuff on a day to day basis. You never want your family to be confronted by this, Sheriff Garcia said.

This isn t the first time Garcia has been victimized in this north side neighborhood.

Back in November 2009, someone stole two driver s side wheels off his county issued SUV. It had been parked in his driveway.

We have a good life here. We ve been living here for some time. I love the neighborhood and the community, Sheriff Garcia said.

Garcia said he s eager to give the person responsible a lesson in the law.

He believes the criminal stole knowing he was inside the home of somebody who enforces the law.

My uniform is hanging in the bedroom. We know that he may not know it was me, but I think he knows he got into a peace officer s home, Sheriff Garcia said.

The stolen gun was described as a Smith and Wesson blue steel revolver.

Anybody with information about the suspect(s) or the location of the weapon is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-TIPS.

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