SPRING, Texas Ray McGee has high hopes for his teenage boys who attend Spring High School, but he also has strong fears.

I m very concerned, said McGee.

His concerns surround gang activity at the school and the violent fight in which a high school sophomore was stabbed to death. Joshua Broussard died just a couple of weeks after turning 17.

Investigators blame what happened on rival gangs.

And that s just messed up, said McGee. That s just messed up. The kid just had a birthday.

The victim s brother has said the fight was all over a girl, who Broussard accidentally bumped in a hallway days earlier. And he said the girl turned out to be the girlfriend of a well known gang member.

My brother was not in a gang, he said. It s the people that killed him that were in a gang.

The brother said Broussard was part of a so-called click or group of friends. But a gang expert said clicks and gangs can be the same thing.

It doesn t make a difference of what the kids are calling it, said former gang member Reginald Gordon. When they re in the lifestyle and dealing with that culture, it can cause death.

It can also cause a father to worry a year after he said he first complained to school officials about gangs.

I m not saying the administration doesn t care about the kids, said McGee. I m sure they care about the kids. But we need to stop acting like we live in wonderland.

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