HOUSTON Child Protective Services has returned a newborn baby to his biological mother after a woman reported on Thursday that the child had been abandoned at her doorstep.

The north Houston woman told investigators that she found the infant left outside the front door of her apartment around 9 a.m. at the Northline Point Apartment complex located off Northline Drive.

Avione Beauregard said she heard faint crying.

So I open the door and there s a baby right there, she said.

She told police the 2-month-old boy was in a car seat with soiled clothes, and when she looked closer she realized it was her husband s child from his ex-wife.

I kinda knew who the baby was for, she said. I opened the door and put the baby in. She left no diapers, no clothes,no diapers, no nothing, so (I) provided the baby with milk and diapers and called the ambulance to make sure he s OK.

Paramedics arrived at the apartment complex and rushed the child to a hospital where he was found to be healthy and OK.

Beauregard told police that her husband is the father, but his ex-wife has custody and the two had been fighting. She claimed the baby s mother had left him with no explanation.

Throughout the day, though, the story evolved as neighbors, police officers and a CPS caseworker all went in and out of Beauregard s apartment unit. All seemed to hear different accounts of what allegedly happened there.

However, the child s mother told investigators that the baby was never abandoned and had been at the apartment for a routine visit with the father.

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