HOUSTON A woman in southwest Houston was horrified Thursday when she came home and discovered burglars had broken into her Alief-area home.

She was heartbroken when she realized the bad guys had taken her two precious Yorkies.

I called for my dogs and two of their kennels were gone, Kerie O Brien said.

Bella, a 5-year-old female and Quinn, a 1-year-old male, were also gone.

To take my dogs? That is a totally different story. That is just mean. That is a cruel person. You don t do that, O Brien said.

O Brien has posted signs all over her neighborhood and she is using social media to spread the word.

For all I know, they could be hurt or anything and that scares me, O Brien said.

A third Yorkie hid so the burglars didn t get her.

O Brien says she doesn t care about the stolen TV or laptop. She just wants her dogs back.

The things can be replaced. They are just material. But these [dogs] are living things and I made a commitment to take care of them and keep them safe, O Brien said.

If you know anything, please call the Houston Police Department.



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