HOUSTON -- In a lot of ways, a dog named Carlos is just like any other dog. He plays and runs but he does it with a limp because he's missing a leg.

He is so loving and I can never imagine someone just thinking he s not worth it, said Kacee Pavelka, who adopted the dog that was once abandoned along an infamous stretch of Highway 59 dubbed the corridor of cruelty.

The area is considered a dumping ground with people tossing out garbage and dogs that have been used as bait in dog fighting and no longer considered profitable.

There's over one million strays in Houston and many of them are in the corridor area, said Deborah Hoffman, who founded Corridor Rescue three years ago.

Already, the non-profit agency has rescued more than 700 dogs, including Carlos.

Carlos was in pretty bad shape, Hoffman said. The dog lost a leg due to a cancerous tumor. Volunteers nursed him back to health and placed him up for adoption through the internet.

And that s when Pavelka laid eyes on him for the very first time.

Looking at him I just knew he was the one, Pavelka said.

It turned out they shared something unexpected in common. Kacee had lost her arm in a drunk driving accident in December of 2011.

I'm able to look at him and feel he can do anything in the world because that's what I think about myself, Pavelka said.

It's a second chance for both of them thanks to Corridor Rescue.

The group is in constant need of volunteers and donations. You can contact Corridor Rescue by visiting their website.

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