ROSENBURG, Texas -- They don t take kindly to shoplifters in the town of Rosenberg where antique shops line the streets.

This was my grandfather s store. He opened 103 years ago, said Bob Vogelsang of Vogelsang Antique Emporium. He was caught actually catching shoplifters and beating them up in the alley, and the police actually picked him up. That s what he felt about shoplifters. We feel sort of the same way.

We don t like them, said his wife, Marcia.

Neither do present day police. The FBI may have its Most Wanted List, but Rosenberg has a most unwanted list.

What we re going to start doing is every week, we re going to take our shoplifting thefts, people who ve been arrested and we re going to post them on our social media -- Facebook, said Lt. Brian Baker.

No citations here -- if you re caught shoplifting in Rosenberg you re under arrest.

So if you go into Rosenberg and steal a pack of gum, you will be arrested for a Class C offense, Baker said.

The proactive approach is in response to a spike in shoplifting, a 55-percent increase in the month of July alone. One reason according to police: there are more places to shop. The Brazos Town Center is second in size only to the Galleria in the Houston area.

We re trying to be proactive in preventing crimes, because it s better for us to stop the crime before it happens instead of us just going to the call where it s already happened, Baker said.

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