THE WOODLANDS Montgomery County Sheriff s deputies have identified three juveniles suspected of engaging in an acid bomb spree in The Woodlands over the weekend.

Nine acid bombs were recovered in the area of FM 2978 and Woodlands Parkway. They were thrown at homes, golf courses and vehicles.

The homemade bombs were made from plastic bottles filled with chemicals and foil or metal objects. A chemical reaction causes the bottles to explode when they are shaken.

That will start the reaction and they throw it against a house or vehicle and it will just be laying there, said Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams. It will take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the mixture. The bottle will start expanding, it will explode, the real danger occurs.

One Woodlands resident was slightly injured when he picked up an acid bomb thrown at his front door. It blew up in his hand. He was treated for acid burns.

You never think things will happen around here. I mean, it s crazy, said resident Stephanie Thelwell. They can really hurt someone. Knock it off. Where is your mother?

MCSO deputies said they recovered key evidence in the neighborhood, which led them to the suspects. Investigators also said they recovered store surveillance video showing three individuals entering and purchasing the material found at the crime scene.

The three juveniles are believed to be connected to as many as two dozen incidents, investigators said.

The trio will be referred to the Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Center and the investigation will continue to determine whether others were involved.

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