HOUSTON -- A couple was asked to leave a local Walmart after they brought up a potential hazard to a manager, and the entire altercation was filmed.

Ron Harris makes a living by helping others with stranded cars.

Just your basic side of the road rescue tools, Harris said. Whatever the problem is, we come and diagnose the problem.

Harris visited a local Walmart with his wife last month to buy a birthday gift for his grandchild.

We decided we would just stop in at Walmart, and just see if they had the present that we were looking for, Harris said.

They found a stack of boxes in the toy section and captured it on video.

This is unsafe to the public, Harris said. You can't stack these boxes up here and leave this aisle open to the public.

Harris's wife recorded his exchange with a Walmart manager and posted it on the Internet.

Basically what we saw was pallets and pallets of boxes lining the aisles of the toy department -- aisle after aisle, Harris said. I went over and felt the box and tried to lift the box and they were very precarious up there and some of the boxes were very heavy.

Harris said the boxes were heavy enough to injure a child. He asked the manager for a resolution.

We're doing the best we can to resolve the situation. Unfortunately it's not an overnight situation, said the Walmart manager.

The manager proceeded to ask Harris' wife to stop recording or they would have to leave the store.

We left, Harris said.

Harris called the local law enforcement and Precinct 4 Deputy Constable Burke took his statement outside the store. Deputy Burke did not enter the store.

However, Harris visited the store the next day and was shocked.

The boxes were still there stacked up, Harris said.

An investigator for the Better Business Bureau watched the video and said the incident was 'very concerning.'

KHOU 11 News visited the same Walmart a few days later and the boxes were finally removed.

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