HOUSTON Houston Texans corner back Johnathan Joseph revealed something about himself after practice on Sunday that many never knew.

He is becoming a big fan of yoga.

I think it helps a lot. I m big into stretching now, said Joseph. I wasn t a big stretcher before, but I worked it into my offseason regimen and everyday plan, and I think it helps a lot.

And he s been doing it for several years.

I did it back in 2009. I kind of got away from it, but this year I said I was going to pick it up because I wanted something to push my body in a different way. It can only help me if I go in there, said Joseph. I think I took about four different types of yoga classes with different kinds of stretches and things to help my mobility, my joints and shoulders to have more flexibility and range of motion.

Joseph is coming off a 2012 season which saw him battle injuries, including a groin strain. The veteran corner admits it wasn t the easiest thing walking into a yoga class.

It was weird because there weren t many guys like me in there. Most people were in their thirties or forties. It would start at eight in the morning. I would go to a class at 12. Sometimes I went back-to-back some days where it would be an hour and 50 minutes straight, said Joseph. For me, it was a struggle. It was new to me, some of the moves and things like that but they talked me through it and helped me out each and every day.

At first, the class he attends didn t know who he was. Leave it to his wife to make sure that everyone knew he was a professional athlete.

Yeah, my wife told them that. I wasn t going to tell them, but my wife told them, said Joseph. They stayed on me a lot and pushed me in the class and I think it helped me out a lot.

Joseph is even trying to convince his teammates, like fellow corner Kareem Jackson, the value of training with the use of yoga.

We train in different places, but I called him up on the phone and told him that he needed to try this yoga out, said Joseph. I was going in there and losing five or six pounds of sweat a day.

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