HOUSTON -- Recovering from a stroke and unable to work, former nurse Derek Session, 50, said he is just happy to have a roof over his head.

However, the childhood home he now lives in alone in southwest Houston suffers from a nightly invasion.

They re bold. They re not scared of you at all, Session said. I go in the kitchen, man I see one, it scared the dickens out of me.

Session lives on social security disability payments in a home on Overdale Street that is seven years older than he is. The house is falling apart around him. It s infested with cockroaches too, but after fending off possums from his bedroom one recent night he called for help.

He had one phone call to make and he called me, and hopefully I can solve the problem for him, said Claude Griffin with Gotcha Pest Control. I do it because he needed help.

Griffin often offers his services free of charge in hardship cases. He said he will help Session solve his cockroach problem. He placed several traps inside and outside Session s home for the possum invasion, baited them with sardines, which he said are irresistible to the nocturnal creatures, and promised to keep returning until he catches them all.

If I don't catch them tomorrow, I'm going to be here the next day and the next day and the next day, Griffin said.

Session s home is in need of extensive repairs, but he said getting help with his unwanted visitors is a welcome first step.

There's a lot of people that don't have places to stay and I'm thankful and grateful I have a roof over my head so it needs some patchwork done to it, but I'm going day-by-day and thank God for everything that I have, Session said.

Session was also trying to get help from the City of Houston for an abandoned house next door that Griffin believes is making the infestation problem even worse.

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